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Quick and Easy Online Survey Service for Marketing Research Research provides Online Survey Research, Market Research service by using our multi-country panel network - Asia Cloud Panel. We are continually expanding the panel size to cover Asia and all over the world.

The Asia Cloud Panel consists of more than 52 million online consumer panelists across 16 APAC countries/markets from the consumer to the CEO level.

We are engaging the people around the world, to create resonance of people's voice and the goodwill of companies for better innovation.

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Features of Custom Survey

  • Our dedicated staff will support you until the end so that even first-time customers can rest assured.

  • The questionnaire is prepared by professionals. Complex logic is also feasible

  • Survey start date and time, delivery date. Able to arrange flexibly

  • Large-scale collection and approach to niche targets

  • Incorrect answer are cleaned prior to delivery to guarantee valid data

  • Delivery of Analysis report and raw data

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*The fee is calculated by CPI (cost per interview) x required sample size

Conducting online market research and Focus Group to analyze data

Conducting online market research is an important part of planning business strategies in the digital age. The use of online questionnaires and focus groups are effective tools for collecting and analyzing data.

1. Market Research through online questionnaires

Target Reach: Online questionnaires help you reach a broad and diverse audience. This is an advantage in market research. Speed and low cost: Sending questionnaires online reduces the cost and time spent on collecting data. Accuracy of data analysis: With online survey tools, you can analyze data in a simple way. Detailed and precise

2. Using Focus Groups in Market Research

Generating Insights: Helps you gain insights and insights from your audience. Observing Reactions and Behaviors: Helps you directly observe participants' responses and behaviors. Modifying and testing products or services: To test and modify products or services before launching them into the market.

In market research, it gives you comprehensive and in-depth information. Using online questionnaires provides quantitative information, while Focus Groups provide qualitative and in-depth information. The combination of these two methods helps you analyze and understand the market better, leading to more effective decision-making and strategic planning.

Using Focus Groups in Online Market Research

Market research is an important process that helps businesses understand consumer needs and behavior.

Market Research with Focus Groups

Access to insights: Helps businesses gain insights from their target audience. This can be used to improve products or services. Open Conversation: Conversations in Focus Groups are natural and flow. It allows participants to express their opinions and experiences freely. Behavioral Analysis: Observing and analyzing the behavior of participants in Focus Groups helps businesses understand their motivations and needs that are not directly expressed.

Organizing an online focus group

Flexibility and Convenience: Taking online surveys is very flexible. Participants can participate from anywhere in the world. Use of Technology: The use of online technology has made data analysis and recording easier and more efficient.

Real-time Interaction: Real-time interaction allows research managers to ask questions and create immediate reactions. Using Focus Groups in online market research is a valuable tool. It gives businesses access to deep insights and understanding about their customers and target markets. It also helps businesses make better decisions and plan effective strategies.

Conducting online questionnaires and analyzing data for research

Online surveys are a powerful tool for research in areas such as marketing, social science, and consumer behavior research. This allows researchers to collect large amounts of data quickly and at a low cost.

Taking online questionnaires

Wide Audience Reach: Online questionnaires allow researchers to easily reach respondents from all parts of the world. Convenience and Flexibility: Respondents can complete the questionnaire wherever and whenever it is convenient for them. A design that Versatile: Online questionnaires can be designed in a variety of formats, such as multiple choice, rating, or open questions.

Analysis of data from questionnaires

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of data: Data obtained from questionnaires can be analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively. Gain a Comprehensive View Using Data Analysis Tools: There are a variety of data analysis tools that can be used to process data from questionnaires, such as statistical software or automated data analysis programs. Discovering trends and patterns: Data analysis allows researchers to Discover trends and patterns that might not be apparent from raw data.

Conducting online questionnaires and analyzing the data obtained from it. It is both an efficient and effective way to conduct research in the digital age. This allows researchers to collect quality data and analyze it to understand the issues. in the market and society better

Example of Custom Survey


  • A: Client report will be strictly confidential that we will never publish.

  • A: It depends on the client's industry, target and budget. Usually we recommend 400 sample for 95% confidence level. The sample can be vary by 100, 200, 400 and higher depending on the quota.

  • A: We can simulate how many sample size we can provide with our internal system. In the case of complex conditions, we will conduct by following the actual incident rate.

  • A: As a measure in anticipation of the occurrence of defective answers, we have set a surplus collection for the required number.

  • A: The participants will receive some points by answering the each questionnaire. Once they collect enough points, they can exchange it to some vouchers or items at our Reward Center. There will not have any extra charge besides the points.

  • A: It starts from 3 business day after we launch the survey. Depending on the number of necessary sample size.

  • A: Basically, there will be 1 sales representative, 1 operator, and 1 project manager.

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